Amy Tominac

Q.  At what age did you realize you wanted to pursue a music career?


A.  I started singing at the age of 1 1/2 years old.  I would wake up singing in my crib every morning. I realized that I wanted to pursue a music career when I was 21 years old when I asked to sing, "The Rose", at a friend's wedding. After the song was over, I became overwhelmed with emotion and knew I had to pursue a career in singing. It's not just my singing voice, but it's MY VOICE!


Q. Who were your early musical inspirations?


A. My early musical inspirations were Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. One of my vocal coach’s husbands told me that I'm a "White Whitney Houston." Wow!


Q. What attracted you to audition for 80’s Revolution?


A.  I love the amazing artists in the 80's. I believe that some of the best music is from the 80's. What attracted me to audition for 80's Revolution was the incredible and one-of-a-kind production,   light and sound team, as well as, musicians. It's not just a band or a show - it's an experience that takes you on an amazing journey through the 80's with fantastic musicians, songs, lights and sound crew that are out of this world! I've never seen any band like this before, and knew I had to be a part of it!


Q  What fascinates you the most when performing on stage with this band?


A.  The chemistry. The synergy. The fun.  The incredible sound, musicianship and professionalism takes my breath away!


Q.  After seeing the band for the first time, there was so much to take in during any given song.  I wasn’t sure to focus on the 2 girls up front and their vocals, watch the lighting production, listen to the band and its song selections and big sound, or watch the TV SCREENS and graphics.  What do you enjoy the most when watching the crowd reaction?


A.  I love seeing the crowd become emotionally moved by the music, how the rhythm and beat takes over their body and makes them feel like they can't help but get down and groove. Their true appreciation for us is very rewarding and inspirational! I feel so grateful, thankful and blessed!


Q. with the 80’s music now considered to be OLDIES, are you surprised that so many of your crowd in their 20’s and 30’s know the words to so many of the songs you perform?


A. I'm not surprised at all, actually. So many amazing bands and musicians made their mark in the 80's and their music continues to live and rock on!


Q.  When I walked into the club to see your band, the first thing that caught my eye was the concert-like stage set-up with the lighting trusses, TV’s, and stage equipment.  What do you see from the stage from the crowd once the lights go on and the band starts playing?


A. I see and hear the crowd getting excited with their clapping, dancing and screaming! They get their iPhones out and start taking photos and recording us live-stream! I feel like a rock star when I see this and fuels my performance and joy for singing!


Q. While watching a band set, I was fascinated with the energy and song selection.  I counted approximately 18 songs in a row in a set with limited stops.  How does it feel from your perspective with all the lights, graphics, and effects going on at one time?   And coordinated with the lighting, music and TV graphics?


A. For me, it feels like a true professional high quality show. The lights, TV graphics, effects, etc., add to the dynamics of each song, performer and the band as a whole. It makes me feel a growing exhilaration and excitement that I get to share with the band and our fans!


Q. With the band covering so many genres of the 80’s music including a “Rock of Ages” type hair band segment, Ladies of the Eighties, New-Wave and the Tribute montage to those who have passed, what was involved getting everything so spot-on? 


A. Practice, professionalism, dedication,  FUN, our love for music and our craft and being able to achieve all of this with outstanding musicians and people, who are my musical family!


Q.  I have been around many bands, and understand 80’s Revolution is a Tribute Band with a high-energy show, how does everyone get along with each other internally? 


A. We are a family. There is a high level of respect and love that we have for each other. And - we have a blast!


Q.  Your posters say you are NJ’s most talked about 80’s Tribute Band, and from what I have seen from other  “live” performances around NJ I would have to agree, especially with the two female singers out front and the dynamic band, with that said, where do you see this 80’s Revolution machine a year from now?


A.  I see that there are no limits for this band!  We are going to be the most abundant, sought out, highly successful, well-known, off-the-hook incredible traveling Tribute Show that is unlike any other band around!

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