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"I have been following the progress of the 80's Revolution Band since their early developement...and endorse this Band with a 5-Star Rating" .   Steve Tarkanish

(Steve Tarkanish Management)

"Saw you perform at the Water Day Festival Concert in Laurence Harbor on Saturday September 1st.  You guys did one heck of a job with the music.  I am a huge 80’s fanatic (that was my time) and your performance was amazing!!!  The 80's music they play is so great, its almost like listening to the actual bands.  Hope to see you again soon"  Laura K

"Awesome night at Cheers.  Packed house.  We were all singing the songs you performed to our cars at the end of the night" Carol B


"My husband and I have been following this band for the last four months.  Not only do they sound amazing, but the songs they play are spot on.  The girls up front are amazing.  Everyone automatically feels the urge to get up and dance where ever there is room.  The best thing about this band is that their playlist changes in some way with each performance.  The only thing is when they play at Pavinci Grill in Hopatcong, you need to get there early.  The lot fills up quick and you have to park up the block at the school... It is a great show every time! "

Nancy L.P.

"What an awesome band.  Love, love, love your all!"  Bethanne S

"What a band.  A lot of detail and hard work and vision.  Extremely talented group and super people as well"  Thomas D

"Crowd Loved you, as so did I"  Bruce M


"Love the way you played Never Say Good-Bye.  Thats my wife (Claudia) & my favorite slow song to dance to".  Steve Z


"Brian, this is so great!  Wish I was there in NJ to to have seen the band live.  Love the pictures and videos."  Katie M<


"WOW, you guys are blowing me away!  Sitting on my back patio in Texas listening to your Facebook live stream.  Can't waiting to be there in person when I am back up to Jersey for the holidays".  Carlene P. New text box >>


"I have had the pleasure to meet this upcoming and amazing band.  When I first met Brian he came into Pvvinci to book this band at the venue.   When the owner agreed to have them there it was the most amazing experience I have witnessed.  No one sat in their seats, everyone was on the dance floor and continued until the end of the evening.  Ever since then I kept hearing the best comments a band could want.  No one has stopped talking about them and cannot wait until they return.  I do believe soon this band will be untouchable.  They surely do the 80's justice, somewhat better I might add.  So with that said, they will be back at Pavinci Italian Grill on October 13th so I do suggest you call now and make your reservations.  You don't want to miss this.  They are a show band of bands.  To the band, thank you for bringing the memories of the 80's back into our lives through the best way possible.  See you all soon".  Sherri T.

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Al Kessel - 973-229-5322

(Band Advisor)


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