Gloria Carpenter

Q.  At what age did you realize you wanted to pursue a music career?


A. Well, my first passion was actually dance and I begged my mother to put me into dancing school at the age of 9 even though we grew up poor and she was working 2 jobs as a single parent. (A very selfish move in retrospect but I couldn't help myself at the time.)  I didn't realize I could sing until I was cast in the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Community Theater at the age of 15 and then snagged the leads in my high school plays.  That gave me the confidence to keep singing and discover that side of myself.


Q. Who were your early musical inspirations?


A. I grew up in the musical theater world but also listened to mellow easy listening music as a kid.  Artists like Karen Carpenter, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Olivia Newton John and harmony driven bands like the Eagles, Kansas, Chicago, Toto, and of course,  the Beatles!  


Q. What attracted you to audition for 80’s Revolution?


A. I started transitioning to singing pop music in the 80's and loved that generation's music!   When you listen to the hooky musical arrangements and catchy tunes, it transports you back to that time and hopefully brings back great memories. I knew that it would be a blast being in this band, and I was right!


Q.  What fascinates you the most when performing on stage with this band?


A.  Every member of this band brings their own unique talents and abilities to the mix, and the positive energy generated on stage is magical!


Q.  After seeing the band for the first time, there was so much to take in during any given song.  I wasn’t sure to focus on the 2 girls up front and their vocals, watch the lighting production, listen to the band and its song selections and big sound, or watch the TV SCREENS and graphics.  What do you enjoy the most when watching the crowd reaction?


A.  I'm definitely energized when I see the crowd getting into the music and enjoying all the different facets of our band.  If the people are having fun and are singing and dancing along with us, I go home with a smile on my face.


Q. With the 80’s music now considered to be OLDIES, are you surprised that so many of your crowd in their 20’s and 30’s know the words to so many of the songs you perform?


A. Not at all! Most of the classic songs of the 80's are timeless and memorable. Its music you can dance to and sing along with because it gets etched in your brain once your hear it! :) 


Q.  When I walked into the club to see your band, the first thing that caught my eye was the concert-like stage set-up with the lighting trusses, TV’s, and stage equipment.  What do you see from the stage from the crowd once the lights go on and the band starts playing?


A. Depending on the angle of the lights in my eyes, I see the faces of the crowd and watch their positive reactions to our music.  I feed on their energy and try to establish as much eye contact as possible. Music is such a powerful energizing force!


Q. While watching a band set, I was fascinated with the energy and song selection.  I counted approximately 18 songs in a row in a set with limited stops.  How does it feel from your perspective with all the lights, graphics, and effects going on at one time, and coordinated with the lighting, music and TV graphics?


A. Being on stage performing is an entirely different entity than watching the show.  For me, all that matters is the music and getting the crowd involved with the band in some way.  We can't see the graphics going on, or how the lights look from an audience perspective, but we do have control over our sound and putting life into each of the songs.


Q. With the band covering so many genres of the 80’s music including a “Rock of Ages” type hair band segment, Ladies of the Eighties, New-Wave and the Tribute montage to those who have passed, what was involved getting everything so spot-on? 


A. Lots of rehearsals! lol! 


Q.  I have been around many bands, and understand 80’s Revolution is a Tribute Band with a high-energy show, how does everyone get along with each other internally? 


A. We're like a family.  Everyone gets along really well, there are no egos, and there's a level of respect and appreciation for each other's talents.  Not to mention that we have a ton of fun together!


Q.  Your posters say you are NJ’s most talked about 80’s Tribute Band, and from what I have seen from other  “live” performances around NJ I would have to agree, especially with the two female singers out front and the dynamic band, with that said, where do you see this 80’s Revolution machine a year from now?


A.  I would love to see our band playing at larger venues like casinos, theaters, festivals, concerts and places that can hold thousands of fans!  You forgot to mention the word "well oiled" before "machine". :) 

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