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80’s Revolution is the ultimate party show band highlighting the hits that drove people to the dancefloor in the incredible, decadent 80’s. No detail is missed, from the neon to the leg warmers, 80’s Revolution takes you back in time, when Pat Benatar, Def Leppard, Journey, The Outfield, Michael Jackson, ABBA, Loverboy, Cindi Lauper, Rick James, Madonna and Van Halen ruled the airwaves. From Dance Pop to New Wave to Hair Band Rock, 80’s Revolution covers the era like no other band.


This is not a bar band, but a show band, featuring three of the hottest lead singers to grace the stage. Sharing the stage with Gloria Carpenter and Chelsey Elise Caulfield, and Katie Lynn Joel…please welcome our newest additions to the 80’s Revolution Band, Laura Turk and Gianna Hodes who will be alternating subs for the third girl spot when necessary at performances. These girls are known for being in some of New Jersey’s top party bands. They come together to form a rockin’ trifecta, delivering powerful lead vocals and harmonies like no other.


Stage front is where the action begins... 80's Revolution features a trifecta of incredibly talented female singers to share the lead and back-up vocals on any given song, where they lend their own style and energy.  These girls are the initial fuel to this HIGH ENERGY 80’s Show Production.


Together, with one of the most talented group of musicians including Brian W. Silver (Bass/Bass Keyboard Synthesizer/Vocals), Max Von Bolton (Guitar/Vocals), Kat Viksne Darcy (Keyboards/Electric Violin, Vocals), and Eric Heiss (Percussion/Vocals),; as well as an incomparable  BIG LIGHTS & SOUND PRODUCTION, 80’s Revolution has the crowd singing and dancing all the way to their cars at the end of each performance.

Brian W. Silver (Founder)

Bass Guitar, Bass Keyboard Synthesizer, Lead and Back-up Vocals


Former co-founding member of the Route 80's Band, Brian now starts a new journey with The 80's Revolution.

A Bergen County native, he moved to Morris County in the early 90's.


Playing in the tristate area for over 30-years, he has performed with some of the biggest bands of the time, including The Flossie Band, Ego, The Fashion, and original recording project Partners in Crime.


Performing in the 80's with The Flossie Band, their audiences regularly drew well over 1,000 people on any weekend night performance. The Band released its first 45 RPM Single "Attitude" and "Just Like Me". That release was soon followed up by the release of their album self-titled "The Flossie Band" with the single "Hollywood". That year, they would go on to win the WDHA Homegrown Album of the Year and Artist contest.

The Flossie Band also won the Aquarian Weekly's best band contest.


For the past decade, aside from working with many top recording artists, Brian has focused on writing original pieces and studio work.


He establishes himself as an in-demand sideman, providing not only Bass, but vocals and keyboards.


Brian is the co-founder and heartbeat of his new project, "80's Revolution".


Eric C. Heiser

Drummer - Percussionist - Vocals


Eric has been drumming since 4th grade and started taking private lessons at age 13 with drumming greats Karl Latham, Jim DePalma and Tony Smiraldi.   Eric also studied with Kenny Aronoff and Brian Tichy.  


Before being asked to join “80’s Revolution” Eric was drumming & writing with New Jersey bands; “SHIFT” (with guitarist Paul Alan), “Estonia” (with guitarist Paul Alan),“Release”, “Sound FX”, “History”, as well as with the band  the “Sky-saw” in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Eric has also been the drummer/percussionist for several Musicals including: “Cinderella” and “The Miss Transylvania Pageant”


In addition to Eric’s recording and performing, He also continues to give private lessons in the art of drumming and associated technics to his students.


Eric He has a college degree in Film/Music Production, and also has an extensive interest in learning foreign languages including German, Spanish Ukrainian & Korean. 


Eric’s taste in Music is extremely vast.  He enjoys the writing and recordings of Barry Manilow & Pantera, Olivia Newton-John, KISS, Mahler & bluegrass.  Additional musical influences include: MARILLION, RUSH, Pink Floyd, Hall & Oates, Genesis, Porcupine Tree, Sarah Brightman, Asia, Queen, YES, STYX, Dream Theater, The Sundays, Toto, Weird Al, Eagles, Jellyfish, Peter Gabriel, Kevin Gilbert,  Journey, IONA, Tears for Fears, Billy Joel, Queensryche, Steely Dan, Kate Bush, Prince, The Cure, Elliott Smith, Beatles, Chicago, Bowie, David Sylvian, U2, Earth/Wind & Fire, Bruce Hornsby, Van Halen, Little River Band, Garth Brooks, Tori Amos, White Willow, Stina Nordenstam, Duran2, Firefall, The Police, Frente!, Cheap Trick, Duncan Shiek, The Outfield, Heart, Pat Benatar, Marc Cohn,  Stray Cats/Setzer.


Aside from his current “80’s Revolution” project, Eric is working on two Documentary Films where he is the Writer and Director.

Production Team - Supreme Sound and Entertainment

State of the Art Sound, Lighting and Digital Graphics

The IRONMEN of 80's Revolution

Eddie J Bachorick, Jr.

Co-Owner and Sound Engineer



Keyport, New Jersey
(732) 616-7630

Danny Stalling

Co-Owner, Lighting Director and Live Digital Graphics

Rob "Chief" Foster



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